Saturday, May 26, 2018


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I got some terrific swag this week plus I won a book from an author-just for staying on her list-LOVE that-will tell all in one sec.
I took pictures on my phone of the swag-like always, and I pay for my internet by the week for my laptop-so my phone is not connected!! Ugh, so I am going to take photos with my laptop-I apologize if they don't turn out too well!!
Ok first I got my new set of bookmarks/magnet from Jennifer Faye-which I now have a complete set for all of her books!!
Ok next I received my medal from winning at Night Owl's Romance Fiesta giveaway-this is my first medal-EVER!!(LOL)
And Willa Blair (author)-sent me these awesome cards (I AM GIVING AWAY ONE COMPLETE SET-SEE BOTTOM OF THIS POST). Check these out-beautiful!!

Are these not AWESWOME??

Ok before I get to the giveaway I won a book from Nancy Lee Badger
an Opportunity Falls Novel

And I also won a copy of Lies by

A Goodreads win!! SO I had a pretty nice week book wise!!
Ok now I am giving away a complete set of cards from Willa Blair-to enter please subscribe,or follow me on Twitter-and tell me which card you like best!! This contest is open worldwide-and ends Monday 12 Noon EST. 
Thanks for reading!!
Happy Memorial Day-Stay Safe!!
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1. Read as many books as you can with any of these 3 words in the title: Beach, Summer,or Sunshine (Sun-counts). 
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3. This contest begins June 1 and ends August 31-so you have lots of time!!

Prizes 3 winnners:
1st place $25 Amazon GC 
2nd place $15 Amazon GC
3rd Place $10 Amazon GC

To enter:
Read & review as many books as stated above and email me your list @joanndownieAT yahooDOTcom; easy right?

This contest is open world wide!!
Happy Summer Reading!!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday 56,Book Beginnings, Book Blogger Hop -Friday Memes

So here goes:
FRIDAY 56- pg 56 of Black Arts, Tarts and Gypsy Carts- Erin Johnson
"She threw her hands up." Yann & Annie didn't even notice! I was in there for 3 hours!t

Switzerland is one weird country.

(That is the first sentence!!)

Overkill (Alex Hawke Series #10)

See Jane Run-but I have no idea who did it, and then it was Go Dog Go by Dr. Seuss
Dick and Jane: Fun with Dick and JaneImage result for go dog go book

That shows you how old I am..LOL

Thursday, May 24, 2018


To join in this fun tag please visit the host-Read At Home Mom-HO DO YOU ORGANIZE YOUR BOOK -tag.

How many books do you typically read at one time? Normally-2 or 3, right now I have 7!! I am a bit behind on my ARC's and am playing catchup!!

How do you keep your place in a book? Bookmarks!!< I hate dog-earred pages!!

Do you takes notes as you read? What is your preferred note-taking method? I just bought a notebook at the dollar store specifically for taking notes for each book I read, which I love as it helps me write my reviews.

How do you keep track of what you read? I also have a 5 subject notebook that I keep track of books read and challenges!!

Do you set reading goals for yourself? Sometimes-I did for Goodreads. What is your current goal? Read 75 books this year, which I know is gonna happen!!

Do you participate in readathons?Which ones are your favorites? I just participated in my first one-Bout of Books-which was quite fun!!

When you decide on what to read next do you take from a list or random? I do one of each usually, unless its a big time crunch, then I plan differently.

Do you ever read series books out of order? Not by choice, If I have the first in a series I prefer starting at the  beginning, but some ARC's I have received are 2nd in the series, so I have no choice there.

How do you store the books you own? I have them in different places as I need to go through them and keep my ARC's and signed books. I haven't organized them very well.

When you finish reading a book do you keep it or pass it on? I keep all signed books, and ARC's but am now making a list of books I am selling for personal reasons.

Do you review everything you read?How do you decide which books to review? I review each book I read, even if it is a short review.

How do you find out about new books you want to read? Other bloggers, author newsletters and publishers newsletters!!

I enjoy doing tags, if you do too, join in the fun-tag you're it!!


Wow, what an adventure!!

From Back Cover:
The Chemin, also known as the Camino de Santiago is a centuries old pilgrim route that ends in Santiago de Compostela in NW Spain.Every year thousands of walkers, some devout-many not, follow the route that winds through quaint small villages and along busy highways alike, a journey unlike any other.

Two different people-Zoe-an artist from California sets off to learn to cope with her husband's death so she goes to visit a friend in France, and learns of The Chemin. She signs on with a limited budget and embarks on the journey hoping to deal with her husbands death and what else she wants with her life. Along the way she meets Martin who had a clever design for his cart, hoping to sell to the highest bidder. 
We meet other characters in here which add to the adventure, and they are all there for different reasons.  Zoe and Martin were two people who were so easy to relate to. 
I loved reading of this journey, described in great detail, you could picture it in your mind.
Very thought provoking.  And this journey can be done for real, it is a real walk. 
I couldn't tell you one thing I didn't like about this book!!

5 cans of Pepsi


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Blogging is something I enjoy immensely. I get to write what I think, what I like and don't like, find fun things to add to my blog,have contests, tours, weekly memes.
Meeting other bloggers is such a great thing also, but it all seems like no one actually reads the posts. I have visited so many blogs since I started this blog and 1 thing I notice is that most comments are general and (I am not saying everyone does this) not really involved with that post. On the flip side, I have seen many great bloggers,who actually do read and comment on posts. And another thing I notice is that there are only so many book bloggers that actively visit and comment..
I could have 200 views and 5 comments. Now I am sure my content doesn't interest everyone, that's perfectly fine, it isn't supposed to. But if you're visiting, do something. Follow, comment or like something, it helps ALL of us bloggers.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl-join in the fun here-Top Ten Tuesday. This week is Top Ten Favorite Character Names! 

Here is my list:

Imogen, Iggy- Seashells,Spells and Caramels-

2.Zoe-The Final Six-Alexandra Monir
3. Stephanie Plum-from the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich
4.Hermione Granger-Harry Potter
5.Barney-The Sugarhouse Blues
6.Zoe (another one!!)-Two Steps Forward
7.Kady & Ezra-Illuminae
8.Charlie Brown
9.Dobby-Harry Potter
10.Scooby Doo
I added Scooby cause I just love the name!! LOL
That is my TTT!! 


Hosted by Tynga's  Reviews:to join please visit here- Stacking the Shelves . I got some terrific swag this week plus I won a ...