Thursday, April 19, 2018


Well I was all excited about getting my first box, I had ordered this through Cratejoy-which has something for everyone-everything from Beauty to Fitness, Novelty, Books all kinds of terrific  looking boxes. CRATEJOY.
So I chose this one to start with under the books section.
This month's theme was Fantasy, and this box did not include a book- just smaller items.The next box I want to try is The Willow Lane box-its for book lovers, and every month a different theme. Anyways, here's what I got in my cute little box!!

I love this, from Game of Thrones!! Isn't that pretty?
Really cute magnet from His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman (I haven't ever heard of this one), but I love the art!!
This intrigued me...

 This is a beautiful print that says Beautiful and full of monsters? All the Best Stories are!!" Strange the Dreamer-Laini Taylor,
I had no way of flattening this so I did the best I could-it is sooo nice!!
A sticker that says" You don't need to like reality,only be strong enough to face it." The Night Angel Trilogy-Brent Weeks.
I am no ordinary woman. My dreams come true."Game of Thrones-Fat bookmark!
Bookmark-Have Fun Storming The Castle-The Princess Bride
Bookmark-from The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
FAT Bookmark#2-It Matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be."
Harry Potter
Mini print- from Siege and Storm-Leigh Bardugo
Shall I color this or save it?
This is the cover of the card that lists what's included in the box, which I think is terrific!!
And this concludes my very first subscription box-The Nerdy Post!!
I am now anxious to try more, but I will pace myself. I love these boxes!! 

Thanks for reading-and thanks to Cratejoy!!


  1. It's always nice to go to the mailbox and find a package. It's like Christmas. Glad you are enjoying it and hope you continue to do so. I look forward to seeing what you get next.
    sherry @ fundinmental



The lucky winner is Stephanie @Bookfever-she has won a copy of One for the Rogue!! Congrats Stephanie!!